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Greetings, fellows and followers!

It has been quite a while, hasn't it? I thought, this might be the right time for some updates on my part.
As you might have already noticed, I am not exactly active here anymore. The reasons for that are manifold... but can pretty much be summed up to both a lack of time and a lack of ideas. Furthermore, I just wanted to use manifold. Although, it seems I'm not the only one; it's rather quiet out here recently.

Well, actually I wanted to tell you that I am going to China early next year. I might blog about it... because that's what people do these days and I'm too old for twitter.

Also, if you're interested in my upcoming creative outpourings, I have started uploading one character drawing per day for a month at my tumblr; and in the unlikely event of me drawing something decent, I will upload it at behance... maybe also over here, but it seems dA and I have grown apart during the years.

So long! :)

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Am I the only one who prefers Neon Bible to The Suburbs?

still, great album



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I think I lost my mojo.

Any advice?

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Hey, hier mal ne Eilmeldung. Heute ab 12:00Uhr ist in Rostock im Peter-Weiss-Haus Gratis Comic Tag. Ich werd da später nachmittags rumhängen und versuchen, ein paar Bilder an den Mann zu bringen. Also sollte rein zufällig jemand in Rostock und Umgebung unterwegs sein, schaut doch mal vorbei. Ich würd mich freuen.

Ich weiß, kurzfristiger gehts aber auch nicht. :ashamed:

PS: I want holidays!


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... and a happy new year everybody! :rudolph:

It's been a while since my last entry. I'm very busy these days. No time for dA or to be artistic or anything besides school. But that's ok, kind of. The Future is still a blurry mess, however the uncertainty is not as frightening as it used to be. I'm more optimistic now.

And I'm really thankful for all the experiences I've been able to gain, the places I've visited and the people I've met over the course of this year. For me it has been a bit of an adventure, full of struggles and challenges and possibly life changing decisions but also a lot of fun.

so have a good time,



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for several weeks, countless nights of insomnia and thinking thinking thinking in circles I have tried my best to come up with a decision about my future. A decision about what I want to be, what I need to be. About what works and what doesn't. I am now facing this decision, feeling empty and exhausted.
I feel like I'm giving up my dream, surrender to a nice, rational existence that isn't mine.
Surrender to social expectations and ideas of how life should be. How to be a functional, valuable yet easily interchangeable part of society.

Anyway, I actually just wanted to mention that I am offering prints on dA again.

Tell me, who am I? What makes me ME? I guess I'm thinking too much.

BTW, District 9 is a great movie.


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I submitted a couple of photos to my other account in case you'd like some impressions of Wales and other boring stuff.

lately my camera has problems to focus... that's something we got in common
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Hi, I'm kind of back from the dead (and from Munich) as you might have concluded from me submitting stuff. Not much else to tell. Life goes on.


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Sometimes no matter what you do, no matter how much you try to make something work... it just won't work.

That's how things are looking for me right now. For once I can't blame myself. Maybe it's just plane bad luck, maybe it's karma... I don't know.

At the moment I'm sitting in an overly crowded McDonalds, using the free Wifi 'cause I haven't got internet since I left home, can only use the internet at work every now and then... and that only to check one of my email accounts. So this is my first chance in a while to contact you.

Things are looking bad professionally as well as private. Nothing against Munich or Bavaria in general but I really gotta say I have never before felt so unwelcome. Especially today. I feel like somebody just threw me into this city to see what happens, without any place to go or anybody to turn to. The "nice old lady" where I live is trying her best to get rid of me and at work I feel like a parasite or something. So yeah, I got no home, no internet, no money, nothing. Great!

I don't know, maybe it's some kind of cosmic joke.

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you up to date on what's happening around here and why it's difficult for me to answer emails or anything.

I'm thinking of you.

Wish me luck... I could really need it.


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Hello deviant people.

I'm back from Wales, which feels odd... or rather it felt really strange during the first few days here in Germany. In a couple of days I'll leave again, for Munich this time. Got a lot of stress and obstacles in the way that make me struggle for breath, long for a break that isn't granted.
But I won't complain. I got this faint chance and nobody said that it would be easy.

Wales was nice, btw. I uploaded some photos to (evil, mind stealing)facebook.

I don't think I'll submit anything to dA anytime soon. I wanna draw but this stress is sucking the life right out of me. So yeah, nothing new here.

For something completely geeky different; I've seen the new Star Trek movie and I loved it! I gotta admit I've been a fan for a long while and I was afraid this movie might suck but it really is like a fresh start for something that seemed on the edge of death.
Suddenly Star Trek is cool, partially thanks to this. Does that make me cool, too? :omg:

Well, for something else again. Is anybody interested in 3 free* 120 black & white negative films? I bought them for my lomo just to find out that they don't fit. As I said, they are for free, all you gotta pay is the postage. In case anybody is interested, here are the facts from the website:

Description: 120 Lomographic Film:
The very first Lomographic 120 Black & White film boasts high-contrast image with the deepest blacks and dazzling highlights!

With a 100ISO speed, its fine grain and high resolution ensure rich and powerful images - strong enough to knock your eyes clear out the back of your skull. Try it with a plastic Diana+ lens or a glass Seagull TLR lens, and expect truly stunning results which simplify the world around you and transport your senses back to the good ol' days if only for a fleeting moment.

Additional Information: Panchromatic B/W Film with ISO 100. Should be developed in Kodak D-76 or D-23 Developer!

If you're interested please answer before Monday, cause I don't know whether I'll have internet or not in my new flat.

See you, folks. If not, live long and prosper.



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I uploaded some sketches to my blog, in case you're interested. You know where to find it.

I really wish my job had more meaning to me


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...actually no music, just masses

After avoiding it for a long time I finally have a facebook account... just like everybody else. So if you got one too, you know how to find me. ;)
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Well, there's a very long (not entirely) pointless text to come so don't say I didn't warn you. You don't have to read it and you probably won't anyway.

This is merely to collect my thoughts regarding deviantArt, the definition of art and everything. Of course everybody has their own opinions and I respect that entirely. I don't even have an adequate opinion myself, it's rather an unpleasant feeling in my gut.
I mean, damn, I really don't know what to think of dA anymore. I've been here for over five years, that's quite a long time. During that time I thought about leaving this place more and more frequently for various reasons. But every time I just couldn't do it because of the people I met here, the people I don't wanna abandon. It's kinda hypocritical considering the lack of care I provide you. You don't know how sorry I am for that.
Ok, let's get to the tracing issue. It indeed is a controversial subject. if you haven't heart or read about it, here is a link to the original news article. I won't state here that I am against tracing in general or against copying other people's work because that wouldn't be the whole truth. For some people it is a way of learning or of showing their affection towards a certain artist/fandom/whatever. I understand that and let me make a confession, I copied Disney's style when I was around 10 years old... although I feel dirty about it now. ;)
So here's an advise (as a semi-professional artist and former Disney rapist) for those who still do it for reasons of learning. Do it, copy Disney or your favourite Anime style or whatever but don't expect to learn anything. You might get better at it over time, I can't deny that. But at some point copying won't bring you any further. It will rather restrain you from finding your own style and therefore from growing. If art is really important to you it will become pretty serious business sooner or later. Don't get me wrong, it's still a lot of fun but also work and thought and creativity and sometimes even torments (I could go on endlessly). And you know what? It's totally worth it! Because it's your sweat that makes your art unique... ok, that may have sounded gross but you get the point, right?
Of course you could counter that there are some famous artists who use or used to copy like Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein and lots of other pop artists. And you would be right. But all of them have something in common that you shouldn't disregard. Originality. Yes, there can be originality in copying. Andy Warhol often even didn't paint himself, he let others work for him. But still it was his ingenious mind behind the work. Great artists don't just take something and copy it one to one, they - even if it might not look like that at first - often put a lot of thought into what they do to make it truly theirs. Some have a message, some don't. Roy Lichtenstein copied existing comic panels from bubble gum wraps. But he did it in a rather unique way. He painted every little dot by hand. He worked hard and meticulous to create something far more than a simple copy. Surely this is just my own opinion and if I were the one who did the original illustration I would probably have been rather mad at that guy who comes, copies my work and makes a lot of money with it, however original he might have done it. See, there are (at least) two sides to every question. Which doesn't exactly make things simpler.
This leads me to the people who copy other people's art to show their admiration. What's wrong with that? Well, let me tell you something from the original artist's point of view. If you were a fan of mine (not that I believe to be that famous) and would want to show me your admiration I would be really really happy to see your interpretation of my work, to see how somebody else creates something in their own style that's inspired by my stuff. And I would be even happier if you asked me prior. But don't get all peeved when I myself am pissed because I find out that behind my back you traced one of my pieces without even crediting me. If you really admire and particularly respect the original artists the least you can do is to give them the credit they deserve for their work.

So, what's so wrong about dA's politics regarding tracing and copying? Or is there anything wrong at all? Well, I do believe that the dA administration is actually trying to do what's best for the community, which might sometimes be more than a little difficult. Especially when it's such a large community it can surely be hard or even impossible to please everybody. I always enjoyed being part of this community. I am thankful for all the cool artists I've been able to meet here and for the criticism and stimuli I received so far. And some of you might know that I am more than accommodating when someone asks me to use my art on their website or whatever. That is mainly due to the fact that I haven't made any real bad experiences with copyright violations of my work yet. But others who are more popular have already made rather unpleasant experiences and are therefore understandably more cautious.
A fellow artist who I love and respect a lot has left dA for good. This saddens me but it also makes me think about my rights as an artist and what these rights mean to me. Does dA mean a lot to me? For sure. Do my copy rights mean more to me than dA? Definitely. Because these rights are there to protect my art. And my art is my life. Unfortunately at this time I don't really feel as safe here as I'd like to. By trying to please everybody, by formulating rules that (at least to me) seem more than a little vague dA unintentionally unsettles and displeases many original artist.
I already said some words about copying. Now tracing goes even further. It's up to you whether you think of tracing as an art form or not. In my opinion it does neither benefit the original artist nor the one who practices it. When you trace something you don't have to think about getting the proportions right or anything. It does indeed save you a lot of thinking and trouble. But how can you learn and improve without that? To me the answer is simple. You can't.

I know I haven't made a clear statement yet. Simply because I have no clue how to proceed. I realized that I should have been better informed about my own rights from the beginning. But it's never too late to learn, isn't it? I find this news article quite helpful. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to check the two mentioned websites out yet.

I don't really know if I should stay here or finally leave dA. It's not just the copyright issue that bothers me. Sometimes I get the impression that the dA administration is more concerned about growing, prestige and making money than it is about the artists (and I mean every artist not only the famous ones who sell a lot of prints). I hope this impression is nothing more than a delusion. But then again there are all the nice people who I'd miss terribly. So, to make it short (for once) I won't leave dA now. I have to be absolutely certain about it first. But I will no longer sell any prints here. If you want to buy prints of my work you may take a look at my etsy account, which is empty right now, or write me a message.
I would like to add that I don't think bad of deviantArt or it's administration but I have reasonable doubts (think of 12 Angry Men by Sidney Lumet) in dA being the right home for my art work.

PS: Just in case it's not obvious, the thoughts I expressed are my own and might therefor differ from yours. Please respect that. (although I honestly think that no more than two people have actually read this terribly long text)

Besides all the rant I am pretty busy getting ready for Wales. I'll leave in 10 days. And suddenly I'm getting really really nervous. So I won't submit anything to dA anyway in the near future. I might write about my time there in my blog.


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Hey, I just read in some friends' journals that there is some nasty SPAM going on here at dA. I got it on my user page,too... lately all I see in my shout box seems to be SPAM. That kind of sucks.

In this case if you get a comment (probably even from a friend) that says something like: "Hey. check out this funny blog!! LOL CLICK HERE" or "Hey. I think i saw your picture on this website/blog here CLICK HERE" don't click on the link and particularly don't log in there with your dA datas, cause that way they get your username and can use it to write only more SPAM in your name.

Besides that I'm sorry for not being very communicative. Things are pretty stressful lately. I'm really sorry, I read every comment... and I will hopefully come to answer some of em.

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Ok, that title is stupid.

What I wanted to say is that I am doing two internships this year. Not one but two! I don't really know what this means yet... for my future, my career, everything. Time will tell I guess.

For the first internship I'll be leaving for Wales in late February; which might be pretty cool. I wanted to go abroad for a while now. So yeah, this time it'll work.

The following internship will be in Munich (I mentioned it before).

Maybe things finally turn for the better... would be a pleasant change.

On the other hand that exhibition I mentioned a while ago might not happen. It had to be postponed a few times and now that I won't be in Germany for some months (and for other reasons) I don't think it will work. :(

Hm anyway, I just wanted to explain why there is not much to expect on dA from me for this year or at least the next couple of months.



first ten people (closed)

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 31, 2008, 5:05 PM
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The first 9 people to reply to this journal will have three of my favourite pieces from their gallery featured here. But, in return, you MUST make a similar journal, and feature the first 9 people that comment to it and with me being in first position!

So yeah, actually it's 10 people including the person you got it from... and you don't really HAVE TO make a similar journal, it's a free world baby bla bla bla... I got this from 13shadesofblack so here we go:

AOK by 13shadesofblack s w a l l o w by 13shadesofblack George the Champion by 13shadesofblack

buildings by sleepbabie Dave Vanium of The Damned by sleepbabie :thumb107944436:

Story of My Life by Ktuloo Aske by Ktuloo The Bad Sushi Trip by Ktuloo

:thumb34456181: :thumb84234413: :thumb77533507:

Frequency Zero One: Poster 2 by iAmNerdgod Engineer's Week 2007 - Ad2 by iAmNerdgod Uncle Santa by iAmNerdgod

Kitten ID by ESiobhan Alone by ESiobhan Tell me why by ESiobhan

Mickey Mouse by Ballistyc Fetus drawing DETAIL by Ballistyc large life drawing 4 by Ballistyc

Untitled. by DanaEv5 Summer 08 by DanaEv5 It's juz Ellen by DanaEv5

Save the day by Obrey Left All Alone by Obrey Headphones and towers by Obrey


BS - Emperor's Cocoa by arwenita Striped Love by arwenita The kitties reloaded by arwenita

your toast by kandy-krazy :thumb107094982: cute by kandy-krazy

Beauty of Decay by Danuski Ansichten by Danuski Where The Past Meets The Today by Danuski

Okey okey, that's already more than ten but who counts? :D

I wish you a happy new year, btw!


happy happy joy joy

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 5, 2008, 4:40 AM
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I got an employment contract!

Well, it's "just" an internship but that means I got a job for six months and it's a prestigious agency. So yeah, I'd call that a good start. :)

I'm rather happy right now so let's feature some stuff, after all that subscription won't last forever... and since it's a special occasion here's some special features:

:spotlight-left: FEATURED DEVIANTS :spotlight-right:

:icon13shadesofblack: | :iconktuloo: | :iconrawimage: | :iconrobosexual: | :iconplastichope:
Although I haven't met most of them yet I consider these people my friends. Visit them, take a look at their galleries or just say hello.

:spotlight-left: FAVOURITE DA ARTIST :spotlight-right:

She's not only a very talented artist but also a lovely person. Dammit, I'm jealous! ;)

:thumb41248387: :thumb100177130: :thumb68940564:

:spotlight-left: FAVOURITE HAPPY SONG/MUSIC-VIDEO :spotlight-right:

Björk - It's oh so quiet

That's it for now. :heart:

BTW, Grüße an meinen Lieblingsbruder, der es nach nur sechs kurzen Jahren geschafft hat, sich an sein dA-Passwort zu erinnern. :P :hug:


Devious Journal Entry

Thu Sep 18, 2008, 2:06 PM

read a good book

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 14, 2008, 3:56 PM
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2Edged issue 3 is out, which happens to be a really cool multimedia magazine featuring design, photography and music.

You can download and enjoy it here (be aware it's a pretty big file)

...oh yeah, and I'm in it too, btw.


Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 14, 2008, 10:48 AM
  • Listening to: Sigur Rós
  • Reading: The Gospel According to Biff

Sigur Rós make me believe that life indeed is beautiful.




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